Machining Dynamics team’s meeting on 11th of August 2017(left to right: Shaoming, Rezleen, Luke, Nacho, Erdem, Omer, Luis, Renwei, Chao, Rodrigo, Huseyin, Arda)
Erdem presented the proposal to host the 17th CIRP Conference on Modelling of Machining Operations at AMRC in 2019 at this year’s conference in Cluny, France. The final approval from CIRP is due August.
Hilal Senuysal and Arman Zonuzi presented their internship project results on micro milling. (in the photo left to right: Adrian, Nacho, Rezleen, Arman, Hilal, Luke, Huseyin, Erdem).
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Erdem presented the CIRP Annals Paper ” Prediction of effect of helix angle on cutting force coefficients for design of new tools” in the CIRP GA 2016 general assembly
Tap testing of Kuka Titan robot(by Luis Urena)
Reunion with colleagues(Nacho, Mike,Erdem, Malik, Choong) at Inox Dine
CIRP Research Day IMG_2502_Processed
We organised the CIRP UK Manufacturing Research Day and Annual General Meeting at AMRC between 6-7 May 2016.
Erdem presenting the Twin Control project at the CIRP Winter meeting in Paris, 17 Feb 2016
Erdem’s Birthday celebration. (left to right (Omer, Leon, Erdem, Nacho, Choong)
Mouloud’s last day at AMRC
CIRP RA Workshop
We hosted the CIRP Research Affiliate Workshop 2015 at AMRC, reception at Kelham Island Museum
Group Photo, summer 2014,( left to right: Omer, Choong, Nacho, Melih, Hazal, Erdem)
2014 (Sheffield) Prizewinners
Our poster “Dynamics of Parallel Machining Operations” got the 1st place from Royal Academy of Engineering
Celebration of the best poster award from Royal Academy of Engineering at Lokanta
Choong working on the Haas VF6 machine tool
RR_ACT_Demonstration (2)
Omer presenting stability lobe diagram on the stability demonstration at FTV5 5-axis machine tool
Omer tap testing the cutting tool
Closer look to the test- instrumented hammer and accelerometer
Tap test hardware- Laptop, DAQ Box, instrumented hammer, accelerometer, wax